Functions, Procedures, Triggers and Transactions

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Allowed languages: | SQL Server prepare DB & run queries | SQL Server run skeleton, run queries & check DB |
Contest participants: 346
Practice participants: 1725


01. Employees with Salary Above 35000




02. Employees with Salary Above Number

03. Town Names Starting With

04. Employees from Town

05. Salary Level Function

06. Employees by Salary Level

07. Define Function

08. Delete Employees and Departments

09. Find Full Name

10. People with Balance Higher Than

11. Future Value Function

12. Calculating Interest

13. *Cash in User Games Odd Rows

14. Create Table Logs

15. Create Table Emails

16. Deposit Money

17. Withdraw Money Procedure

18. Money Transfer

20. *Massive Shopping

21. Employees with Three Projects

22. Delete Employees

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