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Allowed languages: | SQL Server prepare DB & run queries | SQL Server run skeleton, run queries & check DB |
Contest participants: 389
Practice participants: 2754


01. Find Names of All Employees by First Name



02. Find Names of All Employees by Last Name

03. Find First Names of All Employess

04. Find All Employees Except Engineers

05. Find Towns with Name Length

06. Find Towns Starting With

07. Find Towns Not Starting With

08. Create View Employees Hired After

09. Length of Last Name

10. Rank Employees by Salary

11. Find All Employees with Rank 2

12. Countries Holding 'A'

13. Mix of Peak and River Names

14. Games From 2011 and 2012 Year

15. User Email Providers

16. Get Users with IPAddress Like Pattern

17. Show All Games with Duration

18. Orders Table

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