Indices and Data Aggregation

Contest details

There is no description for the selected contest.
Allowed languages: | SQL Server prepare DB & run queries |
Contest participants: 1070
Practice participants: 2871


01. Records’ Count

Problem Descriptions


02. Longest Magic Wand

03. Longest Magic Wand per Deposit Groups

04. Smallest Deposit Group per Magic Wand Size

05. Deposits Sum

06. Deposits Sum for Ollivander Family

07. Deposits Filter

08. Deposit Charge

09. Age Groups

10. First Letter

11. Average Interest

12. *Rich Wizard, Poor Wizard

13. Departments Total Salaries

14. Employees Minimum Salaries

15. Employees Average Salaries

16. Employees Maximum Salaries

17. Employees Count Salaries

18. *3rd Highest Salary

19. **Salary Challenge

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