Mid Exam - Programming Fundamentals with Java (Serbia) - 05 March 2023

Contest details

You have the opportunity to start the exam at the earliest at 10:00 on March 05 and at the latest at 22:00 on March 05.

✅ The exam will consist of 3 tasks with a duration of 4 astronomical hours.

✅ Get a Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari browser. We recommend that you do NOT use Internet Explorer or Edge;

✅ To start the exam, click the "Compete" button

✅ We recommend you secure an additional device, a hotspot, and a stable Internet connection. In case of technical complications for which you are responsible - unstable Internet connection at your home, computer failure, etc., SoftUni is NOT responsible for refunding your time (you will be able to continue the exam without extending the time). It will be extended in case of irregularities on our side - problems with the system, servers, platform, etc.

Allowed languages: | JavaScript code (NodeJS) | Java code | PHP code (CLI) | Python code | C# code (.NET Core) |
Contest participants: 50
Practice participants: 2


The problems for this contest are not public.

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